All day every day Herman goes and watch the 11.51 Intercity train pass by. Then sometimes he stays for the 14.05 Sprinter and the 17.31 Intercity where he catches a glimpse of all the people going back home after a day of work. He sees the young hipster with the cute dog, the lady with the big muscles and the lawyer in the checkered suit. Satisfied and feeling alive he drives back tot the nursing home. Green pea soup is on the menu that evening. Yumm!

'Alternative Mobility' is a looping animation shot I came up with during a trainride to visit my parents. In a rural industrial area in the east of the Netherlands I suddenly saw an old man from my train window. He was sitting in his mobility scooter watching all the life in the train pass by. It was an endearing sight to see how he gains joy in life from viewing and dreaming about this form of mobility. Something that is such a common (and maybe even boring) activity for so many other people.
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