The girl Fabiola grows up in the small, idyllic North Italian village Viganella. She is dreaming about the world behind the mountains. When she becomes older, her curiosity about this unknown world grows.
Over the years I've been amazed by the great work you see before and after short- and feature films. I got interested in this special form of art and luckily the team of studio Akatak asked me to make a title sequence for their short film 'Fabiola'. I started this project as a personal project at animation studio in60seconds. They gave each employee the opportunity to spend 180 hours a year on their own project and learn and grow from this experience.
My intention with the title sequence was to give the viewer a feeling of closure by capturing and repeating elements from the movie. The title sequence summarizes what the viewer has just seen, without giving additional conclusions or explanations. Saturday, November first 2014, the film, and thus my title sequence, was premiered at the Ketelhuis in Amsterdam.
Not bad for a first title sequence! And I dare to say that I saw someone with popcorn.
Read more about this production (in Dutch) here.
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