Step into Brosterland, where the magic of Easter unfolds with every tap of the My McDonald's App.
At the beginning of this year I stepped into an awesome rollercoaster ride at 'a good beer' where we as an animation team embarked on a journey to craft an unforgettable countdown campaign for McDonald’s Germany.
Rocket, the lovable animatronic character brought to life by the visionary director John Nolan, meets a group of friends in the train and takes them for a roller coaster ride through Brosterland, an illustrative amusement park. So, buckle up and prepare for an experience that will leave you spellbound and craving for more.
Client: McDonalds Germany
Agency: Scholz & Friends
Production: BONAPARTE
Director: John Nolan
Illustration & Animation Production: Artbox
Animation & Creative Direction: a good beer
Storyboard Artist: Diederick Geers
Lead Illustration: Eduardo Bertone
Illustration: Saverio Wielkens, Jeen Berting
Animation Lead: Amanda Nedermeijer
Animation team: Lieke Milder, Magdalena Duzej, Tessa Stehouwer, Mitch Versluis, Nicole Lewis

Illustration by Eduardo Bertone

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