As part of the ‘Sport is Never Done’ campaign, Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam created a children’s playbook encouraging both parents and children in the Middle East to play sports. The book is called 'Five Minutes More' and is an interactive experience that allows both parent and child to take turns reading dialogue, roleplaying as both mother and daughter. Including a ‘plan to play’ at the end, encouraging families to take their lessons from the book to the streets.
Besides the physical book, W+K Amsterdam asked me to translate the story into a digital reading experience. Together with the greatest team we've developed a responsive online experience, bolstered with sound effects and animation, that broadens the reach of the story.
Both physical and digital versions of the book are only available in the Middle East.
Client: Nike
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam
Creative Director: Craig T. Williams, Evgeny Primachenko
Art Director: Güney Soykan
Copywriter: Ane Santiago Quintas, Aditya Hariharan
Illustrations: Alva Skog (Jelly London)
Producer: Hayley Vair
Studio Director: Lizzie Murray
Animations: Lieke Milder, Laura Calvo
Development Partner: Flight School Studio, Brian Bowman, Tim Harman, Patrick Wetzel
Sound design: Wave Studios AMS - Alex Nicholls-Lee, Michael Hoogdorp
Book Lay-out: Karen van der Kraats
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