Studio AKATAK recently produced a mesmerizing film about a young woman who seeks refuge from extreme weather conditions in an old manor house. The weather is so bad, that there is no other option than to stay there until the new world emerges. During her stay, she meets other people that are staying at the manor to hide from the weather and spends time with them. She finds out that she is not just one person, but multiple, even 100.000 several different persons inside the consciousness of her fellow men.
Directors Karlijn Milder and Lotte Milder asked me to create the title sequence for the film. The assignment was to continue the vision of the film and make the viewers think, as well as giving them a feeling of closure. I have translated this vision by taking the viewer into a journey through different worlds. I deliberately did not show people or animals and illustrated only a few shapes necessary to set the location. I've done this to leave some space for the viewer to give his own interpretation on what he sees.
Music by: Arend Bruijn
Sound design by: Matijs Guypen
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