The limited print 'Arnaud' is part of the illustration series 'Quarantine Characters'. A series about some very different personalities Lieke Milder was in lockdown with in a hostel in Cusco, Peru, during the COVID-19 crisis. Each person is pictured in their most iconic way of coping with the strange situation they were suddenly in.
"Have you ever met a true pirate? I did. At the place you least expect it; 3400 meters above sea level. Meet Arnaud. A guy from Brittany (not France) who quitted his job as a tuna fish sailor to seek his goal in life elsewhere. He volunteered in the hostel and made our stay much more pleasant. We spend many hours laying on the couch talking and watching movies. Despite he is no longer sailing towards sunset, he is still exploring the world in total freedom. Except for being in lockdown of course. Also... he really likes his rum. Like a true pirate."

Price: €30,- (excl. shipping costs)
Size: 29,7 x 42 cm

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