The limited print 'Korean girls' is part of the illustration series 'Quarantine Characters'. A series about some very different personalities Lieke Milder was in lockdown with in a hostel in Cusco, Peru, during the COVID-19 crisis. Each person is pictured in their most iconic way of coping with the strange situation they were suddenly in.
"Korean girls CAN party. Proven by the lovely Jieun and Jooya. When we slowly went to bed it was their time to shine. Whiskey, Pisco and some cool tunes were the ingredients to get them giggling and that definitely boost the morale. These happy smiling girls were always in for a game of cards, where they proved to be the sharpest players. They were able to go back to South-Korea after one week of lockdown and I really missed them in the dull moments of the day and during our evening dinners. Let's play a game again someday!"

Price: €30,- (excl. shipping costs)
Size: 42 x 29,7 cm

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