The limited print 'Masashi' is part of the illustration series 'Quarantine Characters'. A series about some very different personalities Lieke Milder was in lockdown with in a hostel in Cusco, Peru, during the COVID-19 crisis. Each person is pictured in their most iconic way of coping with the strange situation they were suddenly in.
"To make his time useful in lockdown, the Japanese Masashi was eager to make the Spanish language his own. He was studying, studying, cooking, eating, studying again and in the evening he sat down to do a little bit more... studying. The meaning of the word motivation definitely got to a higher level while watching him being busy all day long. Masashi was a very kind and peaceful person, he laughed about anything you said and wasn't stressed out about the lockdown situation. His mindset made sure he could hold on untill a month ago, when he was finally able to go back to Japan. I found his attitude really inspiring and hope more people reached their goals in this pandemic like he did."

Price: €30,- (excl. shipping costs)
Size: 29,7 x 42 cm

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