The limited print 'Yoris' is part of the illustration series 'Quarantine Characters'. A series created during the COVID-19 pandemic when Dutch illustrator Lieke Milder and her boyfriend got stuck in a hostel in Cusco, Peru together with a group of strangers. Every illustration shows a different personality of this group, where they are pictured in their most iconic behavior of coping with this extraordinary situation they were suddenly in.
"This character is my boyfriend, Yoris. ​A lot of people ask me if we didn't drive eachother crazy in that hostel. But actually he was just the thing I needed, he was the most relaxed of all people and had a lot of patience to wait for our repatriation. His morning started with some fitness exercises, then he would practice some Spanish and in the afternoons he initiated to watch all of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies, so we would keep ourselves busy. The hours in between he was mostly in this pose, watching funny memes on his phone."

Price: €30,- (excl. shipping costs)
Size: 29,7 x 42 cm

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