Commissioned by Studio Anima and the collective Lemon Creatives I've helped create animations which explain different disorders in a light and playful way. These animations will be featured on the portal 'Weet Wat Ik Heb' (Know What I Have) which is set up by a number of patient associations to support children with a disorder in telling their story.
Watch the portal (in Dutch) here:
Concept: Kirsten Schuil, Michiel van Poelgeest, Peter Kuyt
Text: Michiel van Poelgeest
Design: Kirsten Schuil
Illustration: Kirsten Schuil, Michiel Baumgarten
Animation: Kirsten Schuil, Lieke Milder
Music & Sound Design: Michiel van Poelgeest
Voice-over: Tim Senders en Nienke de la Rive Box
Audio Post-production: Poul Sven de Haan – Faboem
Project management: Peter Kuyt
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